Supercharge your digital strategy.

HyperAscent’s tools help your business maximize engagement from your existing followers and reach new audiences. 


Your full service content marketing toolkit.

HyperAscent helps your business grow with scalable marketing and optimization of your business’s growth through online channels.

On-demand A/B Testing

We help your optimize your content for engagement, conversions and virality by testing it with our audiences before you post to yours.

Brand Mention Monitoring

We track your brand mentions on Reddit, Quora and other social media to identify opportunities for your business to reach new audiences.

Marketing Analytics

We help your business track brand awareness, the performance of your marketing campaigns and identify opportunities for growth.

Let us do the digging.

We work with businesses large and small to optimize your marketing and identify opportunities to take your business to the next level. With a focus on new media platforms, we identify opportunities to improve your content and brand awareness. 

Follow Become the conversation.

Keep track of your customers’—and potential customers’—questions, opinions, and problems with existing products and competitors in your market. HyperAscent notifies you of opportunities to engage with your audience and build brand awareness. 

Optimize your content.

Test your content, copy, and headlines with real audiences to gain insights on the content that best achieves your business’s goals. From simple A/B testing to complex surveys, our platform makes optimization easy. 

Why HyperAscent

Your remote marketing team
North America Based

We are based in North America with an English speaking team to work alongside your business. 


Our platform integrates with all of your social, video and viral marketing channels to grow your audience in any market. 


From startup to scale-up, we work with businesses at all stages of their growth. Get started with our On-Demand packages for as little as $5.

Our Team

Here for your business

Our team is based in Canada, the United States, the EU and Vietnam. Whether you’re looking for strategy consulting or custom implementations for your business’s research needs, we’re here to serve you. Get in touch below to find out more about how we can help grow your business. 

Isabelle Dietrich

Head of Client Relations

Isabelle heads our client consulting projects and acts as a liaison between your business and our platform engineering team.

Jeremy Clark

Platform Tech Lead

Jeremy leads custom implementations for client projects and ongoing development of our core platform.

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